Accommodation in Serengeti

Kusini Tented Camp

Kusini is located in the south part of the Serengeti National Park. The park itself covers more than 14,763 square kilometers, making it one of the world’s largest wildlife sanctuaries. The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai language meaning, “endless plains.” Part of Kusini’s charm is its remote and private location within the park borders. With no other camps in the near vicinity, Kusini offers exceptional and essentially private game viewing. Accommodation is offered in twelve luxury en-suite double tents, each attended by a personal butler, which are scattered around a large Kopje. Private balconies with comfortable furnishings extend in front of each unit. The dining area, lounge, and library are housed in the main public area, which affords spectacular view from its wooden deck.

Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Built on the edge of the escarpment overlooking the plains of the southwestern Serengeti National Park is home to many thousands of wild and rare animals. Serengeti Sopa Lodge lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty, providing an oasis of cool relaxation from the equatorial sun. The lodge allows its guests to soak up magnificent sights and enjoy interaction with land and animals difficult to find elsewhere in the world, at the same time enjoying the highest level of cuisine and hospitality.

The best of East Africa’s game can be seen in the park and, with its high number of resident carnivores, the opportunity to find lion, cheetah, and leopard is unparalleled. That combined with two million wildebeest making their journey to the Masai Mara every year less than a kilometer from the lodge makes the encounter “the greatest wildlife show on Earth.” Serengeti Sopa Lodge is also the perfect base for exciting bush events, including hot-air ballooning over the plains with the sunrise or dining in the bush under Africa’s night sky.


Seronera Woldlife Lodge

The lodge is built on the wildebeest migratory route, which occurs twice annually with over one-and-half million wildebeest. There are varied habitats in the national park which one is able to view by vehicle and hot-air balloon. Serengeti is derived from the Masaai word “Serenget” meaning “wide open space.” The word is definitely true upon experiencing uninterrupted views under an African sky. The Seronera Valley is an important transition zone between the southern plains and northern woodlands. It provides a rich mosaic of habitats, crisscrossed by rivers, the most permanent of which is Seronera River. Seronera Wildlife Lodge takes it name from this river which surrounds the lodge in a U-shape. With year-round water, this is the most reliable part of the park to view wildlife. The elusive leopard is also common here, but less easily spotted. The river tracks offer the best possibilities to view leopard, which usually rest in the branches of the acacia trees.


Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

Set high on a hill with 360 degree views out over the Serengeti savannah, the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge combines luxury with simplicity and is Africa at its very best. Inspired by the traditional African village, the lodge is rich in local atmosphere and the bedrooms are housed in individual thatched huts. These huts are furnished with authentic African furniture and handicrafts, with balconies overlooking the awesome expanse of the Serengeti. Communal areas of the lodge are created out of thatch and indigenous wood and give guests a true “out of Africa” experience. Great attention has been paid to both architectural and decorative detailing and the lodge is a photographer’s joy.

Derived from the Masai word ‘siringet,’ meaning endless plains, the Serengeti is one of the world’s last great wildlife refuges. From the Serengeti Serena, you can enjoy safari drives or balloon safaris and experience the awesome spectacle of the annual migration that is one of nature’s wonders, or simply enjoy the outstanding quality and variety of cuisine. The lodge has 66 bedrooms and a stunning swimming pool. Activities on offer include daily game drives, balloon safaris, sunset cocktails by the pool, traditional dance performances, and slide presentations by the resident naturalist. Bush breakfast and bush dinner may be arranged during your stay.


Mbuzi Mava Serena Camp

A place of infinite calm surrounded by untamed majesty, Mbuzi Mawe offers a timeless blend of classical safari rusticity and unlike any other camp, it lies at the epicenter of the Serengeti within easy reach of the prime wildlife of Lobo, the western corridor of the Grumeti River, the southern grass plains, the Seronera Valley and the kopjes, or inselbergs, of Barafu, Gol, Maasai, Loliondo, Simba, and Moru.

Cleverly located on one of the main annual migration corridors for over one million wildebeest, one-and-a-half million zebras and gazelles, and their accompanying cast of predators, the camp offers a ringside seat for one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth. Scenically located in a glade guarded by three million year old granite towers, Mbuzi Mawe (meaning Klipspringer in English) makes maximum use of its unique wilderness location. There are al fresco breakfasts, safari luncheons, lantern-lit bush suppers, campfire roasts, and dance displays by the Ikoma people, as well as game drives, ranger-led bush walks, ornithology and sightings of elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, hyena, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, warthog, hippo, and crocodile.

Serengeti Migration Camp

Internationally renowned for the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet, combined with the lowest concentration of game lodges, the Serengeti National Park is synonymous with low-impact high-action game viewing in a landscape untouched since the dawn of time. Hidden among the rocky outcrops or kopjes is a camp that exudes a decadence reminiscent of old Africa. Its spacious tents have been carefully placed to provide privacy and blend into nature’s architecture, overlooking the Grumeti River and its resident hippos.

Richly furnished throughout, the camp provides a haven of sumptuous indulgence among the raw splendor of the surrounding bush. Surrounded by a 360 degree verandah deck and with a capacious, 45 square meter internal floor space, each guest tent is a private sanctuary. The split-level lounge, cigar bar, restaurant, sundecks, and swimming pool are perched among the outcrops and overlook the vast and rugged landscapes that are home to the world’s greatest mammal migration.


Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Serengeti is derived from the Masaai word “Serenget,” meaning “wide open space.” The word is definitely true upon experiencing uninterrupted views under an African sky from the pool. The lodge has been constructed on a rocky outcrop, with the swimming pool having been built on a rock deck. The viewing deck and pool overlook the wide open plains and a water hole. The watering point attracts a variety of visitors during the day and night. At night the water hole is lit, attracting interesting nocturnal animals. Leopard, lion, cheetah, and hyena are often seen in close proximity to the lodge. Wildebeest move through the northern woodlands in most years from June to December to feed on the longer grasses that persist in this area. Their range during this time extends north into the Masai Mara. Rocky hills, rivers, and woodlands typify this scenic area. A resident pride of buffalo are also usually seen.

Asilia Serengeti Camp – Sayari Camp Serengeti

Sayari Camp is situated at a fantastic site on the Mara River, in the unspoilt and undiscovered northern part of the Serengeti National Park, one the best kept secrets of African safaris. The camp is ideally located to witness the world famous river crossing of the Great Migration in the months of July to November. Outside of these months, the Mara River area still hosts a very high density of cats, elephants, crocodile, hippo, and antelope. The camp is intimate and original and has eight guest tents only. Every tent has its own private veranda equipped with comfortable chairs and couches from which the wide Serengeti landscape can be overlooked. Inside the tents you will find special, comfortable king-size beds, beautiful traditional cloths, and contemporary furniture. The spacious en-suite bathroom has a double sink, a shower, and a ceramic flush toilet, all environmentally friendly. Sayari Camp has a fantastic cook that offers a great blend of authentic African and nouvelle European cuisine. The atmosphere at Sayari is very personal and intimate and the camp crew does everything to make the experience unforgettable. Game drives from Sayari Camp are unlike anything else in the Serengeti. Due to the exclusive location on the Mara River, fantastic game drives can be enjoyed without meeting many, if any, other tourists.

Olakira Camp is mobile camp in the Serengeti that moves with the migration in the southern and central Serengeti area (the northern Serengeti being covered by its sister camp Sayari Camp). Typically, the camp will be in the Ndutu area from mid-December to March to witness the magical calving season of the wildebeest in the southern Serengeti area. From June onwards, the camp moves north to follow the migration, staying in the central Serengeti area for the rest of the season. These move patterns are subject to change; the philosophy behind the camp is to move it there where the action is.

The camp itself is a wonderful mobile camp with fully furnished guest tents with en-suite bathroom facilities. The camp has only five guest tents to ensure the ultimate feeling of an exclusive and intimate safari under canvas. The beautifully designed lounge and dinner tents, the campfire, and the sounds of the wildlife all around make the Olakira safari experience unforgettable! Food and service at Olakira Camp are of the highest standard. Game drives in the prime Serengeti areas offer one of the best opportunities of the African continent to see the “Big 5” and many more animals.


Kirawira Serengeti Luxury Camp

Close to the Grumeti River, famed for its giant crocodiles, perched on a hill with uninterrupted views of the plains of the western Serengeti, Kirawira Camp offers its guests a luxurious tented African safari. Kirawira is a reincarnation of a Victorian tented camp and guests enjoy luxurious accommodation, a valet service, superb house cuisine, fine wines, and the best of East African hospitality. Throughout the camp, native wood, African art, and tented canvas are combined with typical Victorian and colonial furniture to recall a bygone era of explorers, pioneers, and the early colonial settlers. The accommodation is housed in de luxe individual tents set on wooden platforms. Each has a spacious double bedroom and bathroom, styled from the Victorian period with African art, and a private verandah from which there are spectacular views over the endless Serengeti.

The lush vegetation around Kirawira is home to a wide variety of large game – lion, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe, baboon, gazelle, and wildebeest. It is also an area abundant in bird life, which is regularly encountered around the camp itself. Kirawira Camp has 25 luxurious double tents and a swimming pool, and prides itself on the personal attention given to each guest. Excellent cuisine can be prepared either according to guest recipes or cooked-to-order from the house. Activities include guided walks and driving safaris, fishing and sailing on Lake Victoria, bush lunches, crocodile safaris by the Grumeti River, and slide presentations daily by the resident naturalist.


Grumeti River Camp

Grumeti River Camp is set in the remote western corridor of the Serengeti National Park. Interpretive game drives explore savanna and woodlands boasting the largest mass of free-ranging game on earth; vast herds of wildebeest cross the Grumeti River during their annual migration, running the gauntlet of Africa’s most fearsome crocodiles. Large pods of hippo grunt from their watery, lily-clad hideaway below the camp (10 spacious tents). Grumeti’s spacious tents under makuti (palm frond) canopies and the vibrancy of colorful interiors – including hand-blown Kenyan glassware, African cloth, and local sculptured furnishings – bring alive the excitement of Africa.

Each tented suite features a large bed made of Tanzanian cypress and comfortable deck furniture both in and outdoors. En suite bathrooms offer separate washrooms and alfresco showers open to the sun and stars. Yoruba beaded antique artifacts adorn the sitting areas and domed bar. Spacious decks are perfect for sundowners overlooking the water. Delicious Pan-African cuisine – prepared on traditional ‘jikos’ (fires) or in stone ovens – is served in the boma or open-fronted dining area. Private dinners may be arranged for any special occasion.

Ikoma Bush Camp

Simplicity and rustic are the ambiance of the camp, three kilometers from the Ikoma Gate of the Serengeti National Park. The camp is well situated for numerous fantastic game drives and walk including the best drive in the park: the circuit along the western corridor via Banagi, the Grumetti River, and Kirawira.

Facilities: semi-luxury tents with attached bathroom, each tent has its private veranda, Restaurant and bar, Room service, Fire place, Night game drive, Nature walk.